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CAT Scans

The most accurate form of X-ray imaging currently available is the CT scan, commonly known as a CAT scan. Our office uses the most technologically advanced type of CAT scanner – the Cone Beam CT scanner (CBCT). It can be converted to the many commonly used software programs available for analysis by Dr. Allen. CBCT scanners use significantly less radiation and provide very detailed, three-dimensional images that can accurately measure the height and width of available bone, as well as locate the nearby anatomic structures (such as the maxillary sinuses and mandibular nerves) that the surgeon must be mindful of during surgery.

Used With Implant Surgery

From analysis, through planning and placement, to complete restoration, i-CAT® allows clinicians surgical predictability with treatment planning in full 3D with restorative outcomes in mind. i-CAT’s high resolution, volumetric images provide complete 3D views for more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation, collect precise data and measurements such as buccolingual dimensions, concavities and bone height. In the case of multiple implants, calculate perfect positioning and map an entire course of treatment from surgical placement of the implant and abutment, all the way to final restoration. An extensive library of implant templates affords best possible selection of suitable implant type, size, location, and angulations prior to surgery.

Create Surgical Guides and Precise Outcomes

The system’s fast scan workflow combined with a unique open software architecture expands implant planning capabilities. i-CAT is universally compatible with all leading surgical guide providers and gives the convenient ability to order guides directly through the included i-CAT software from Anatomage®.

Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ)

The implant stability quotient (ISQ) is the value on a scale that indicates the level of stability and osseointegration in dental implants. The scale ranges from 1 to 100 using resonance frequency analysis (RFA) technique. The acceptable stability range lies between 55-85 ISQ. Higher values are generally found in the mandible. High initial stability (ISQ values of 70 and above) tends not to increase with time. Lower initial stability will normally increase with time due to the bone remodeling process (osseointegration). The overall average ISQ value of all implants over time is approximately 70. If the initial ISQ value is high, a small drop in stability normally levels out with time. A significant decrease in ISQ indicates a potential problem and should be considered an early warning.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has become a valuable adjunct in wound healing in dental surgery.

PRP can be used for many oral and maxillofacial clinical procedures including:

  • Bone Grafting
  • Sinus Lift
  • Closure of Cleft Lip & Palate
  • Repair of Bone Defects from the Removal of Small Cysts or Teeth
  • Repair of Openings between the Mouth and Sinus Cavity Caused by Disease, Injury or
  • Malformation

What are the Advantages of Platelet Rich Plasma?

Using Platelet Rich Plasma is a way to accelerate and enhance the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Moreover, there is no disease transmission because Platelet Rich Plasma is a by-product of the patient’s own blood.

Digital X Rays

Digital X-rays have been a powerful tool in finding out what's going on below the gum-line. Digital radiography uses a tiny sensor which is placed in the mouth and acts like a miniature VCR camera with an x-ray sensitive chip. The technology exposes you to 50%-90% less radiation than with traditional x-ray techniques. The resulting highly detailed image of your mouth is almost instantaneously translated onto our computer screen, carrying with it all the conveniences of other digitized images. We can rotate it, magnify it, adjust it for contrast, and even color-code it for educational purposes. Because it helps our patients clearly understand the root issues behind their dental health, we're able to work together to determine the very best treatment options for each case.

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